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Service process

negotiation and communication for the first time
Communication between the two sides, enhance mutual understanding, confirming preliminary cooperation intention.

Determination of cooperation
Clear design mandates, pricing and schedules, and so on.

Signed a design contract
Party shall pay a prepayment, and heads on both sides.

Interview and survey
Collect market information and track customer product's market performance, provide important premise and a scientific basis for the design.

Good design is to discover their own values and refined concepts and effective expression to the public process. We conduct design strategy before you make every design refinement and development.
Policy proposals
Design policy proposal was made after an investigation and repeated argument, during customer proposals can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and finally by the mutually agreed.

Creative design
Guided by the strategy done by professionals.

Design is the process of the communication process, good works come from successful communication. Senior lead design proposal is the most direct and most effective communication.   Proposal by identifying design styles and design direction, form the proposal for resolution to guide next steps design.

Refinement and adjustment of programme
Design for refined adjustments on both sides, and the formation of the final programme. Client-side proofreading signed after project implementation.

Implementation and import
Enter the implementation stage and import. (If there is no post-production, thus all end)

Delivery of electronic files
Party a party b electronic file for delivery of the final design, party a shall pay the balance of the contract, the design work completed.

Track designer customer service officers will continue to stay in contact with customers, solve customers ' technical problems and related consulting.