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2010 economic recovery years Indian enterprises should seize the opportunity to usher in a new spring

March 27, 2009 Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs, State administration of taxation jointly issued a Declaration on support for the development of cultural enterprises tax policy issues notice (taxation "2009", 31st), the seventh article of the circular pointed out that focus for the production of cultural products and the importing country cannot produce self used equipments and accessories, spare parts, according to the relevant provisions of the existing tax policy, shall be exempt from import duties. Implementation date of January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2013.

import duties are the customs of a country on imports and tariffs articles. Import tariffs will increase the cost of imported goods, increased prices of imported goods, imports of foreign goods. Therefore, countries with import tariffs as a means to limit the import of foreign goods. However, on December 16, 2009, the customs tariff Commission of the State Council issued the 2010 tariff implementation plan (tax authority "2009", 28th). Involving adjustment of import and export duty tariff and tax rates. The adjustment contains 17 printing equipment and parts is a new temporary tariff rate, but also by adding 7 new printing equipment and lowering import tariffs. Appropriately increase import tariffs to protect the domestic development and growth of enterprises, but also to advances in printing equipment manufacturing in China, increased import duties, foreign advanced equipment cost increase domestic enterprises cannot afford to buy will not improve the quality of their production. The lowered import tariffs to allow more advanced equipment and technologies introduced the country to let our companies complement each other early pace chasing foreign.

in 2008, when the financial crisis swept the world, through regulation and policy and expanding domestic demand, stabilize its financial markets. Whether import tax rebates or preferential policies for development, undoubtedly provides a strong guarantee for the development of Chinese printing industry, in the industry of the future as a strong feature provides a good development space for enterprises.

as the financial crisis began to retreat, before favourable policies in response to the crisis will also fade, but 2010 is the financial crisis just over a year of recovery, therefore, policies are not fully exit this year, printing companies, should seize the crisis's tail, still have the favorable policies, on the road to recovery ahead.