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Google infringement: infringement of American Society of media photographers Sue Google digital library

on April 8, according to foreign media reports, Google on Wednesday by United States media photographer Association of other visual artists and other groups sued, accused of scanning their works on the Internet without paying.

United States writers ' and publishers ' associations agree with Google's digital library project worth $ 125 million settlement agreement, but the Court refused to United States society of media photographer Association to participate in the reconciliation, so the Association of visual artists and other groups filed a lawsuit against Google.

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Google spokesman Gabriel Stricker said Google is confident that Google Books is fully compliant with requirements of international copyright law.

GOME judge Denny Chin was reviewing the two lawsuits, he has yet to decide whether to approve ratification of the 125 million dollar settlement agreement.

latest lawsuit said Google had violated copyright laws, unauthorized copy of Visual works in books and periodicals. Google's move allows artists to license and sell works, cause damage to their profits and reputation. Ask Google to stop the infringing act, and seek each up to tens of thousands of dollars in compensation for infringement.