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China's first Foundation for the design of Beijing Guanghua Development Foundation

November 5, 2010, China's first Foundation for design--design of Beijing Guanghua Development Foundation at the inaugural meeting of the China Science and technology Hall. Design of Beijing Guanghua Development Foundation Honorary Chairman, Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of engineering Pan yunhe, Shi Dinghuan of counselors ' staff and other leaders were invited to the meeting and made a speech. Lu Yongxiang, Vice-Chairman of the national people's Congress, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, sent a congratulatory message to congratulate.

Beijing Guanghua design development Foundation to "support design talent growth, promoted design industry development; is committed to people and natural fusion development" for purposes, work direction main including: funding, and award design industry excellent talent and made important contribution of professional institutions; organization carried out and various design professional institutions of Conference, and exhibition, and race, and training, Exchange, and education, and cooperation activities; active promoted to design for means promote technology results into for productivity. In addition, "Sinorama Dragon Awards" and other public welfare award, widely promoting the "design business plan", "primary and secondary school design innovations" and other public projects. In the design of production-study-research cooperation, scientific and technological innovation achievements, supporting local design and innovation base, international design Exchange and actively promote new public path. And will be involved in promoting "national strategies for design innovation" as its mission to mobilize all sectors of society, recalled in a variety of ways to make suggestions.

Shi Dinghuan staff delivered a passionate speech. He pointed out: the Foundation should be a reward-supported platform, to put "brilliance Dragon Award" long run, encouraged, funded a large number of outstanding design, professional institutions, formation of scale. Foundation is a platform for Exchange of information for domestic and foreign design agencies creates favourable conditions for mutual cooperation, organize more professional activities, partner with local governments broad, active dissemination of awareness of design and innovation to enhance competitiveness. Foundation is a platform for cooperation, in the promotion of scientific research and practice, by means of design play a bridge role. Foundation is a platform to promote energy-saving emission reduction and the achievement of sustainable development, by leading designers, design companies, promoting the dissemination of the idea of green design, to the aim of constructing a harmony between man and nature. Foundations can also be a platform for innovation, public funding for boot, drive the size of various forms of investment support and participation in the design industry development. The end of the event announced in the warm atmosphere of academician Pan yunhe bright design development Foundation was established in Beijing.

Foundation of established is social from all walks of life of concern, United Nations Environment Planning Department (UNEP), and United States Planning Association, and United Kingdom Royal art college, and for special, (China), and full British China students scholars Association, and China industrial design Association, and China color Association, and China mechanical engineering learned industrial design branch, and China indoor decorative Association, and National Federation furniture decorative industry Chamber of Commerce, and Chinese art design Association, and Taiwan image strategy Union, both at home and abroad design related institutions and the personal have sent to message, and congratulation, Its warm congratulations.

Lu Yongxiang, Vice-Chairman of the national people's Congress, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stressed in the letter, hope "comrades of the Beijing bright China Foundation for design development, mission, strengthen confidence, and pioneering spirit, give full play to function of the Foundation of this organization, together using various aspects of wisdom and strength, designed for promoting the development and growth of the industry, and make greater contributions to building an innovation-oriented country! "

establishment of the Beijing bright China Foundation for design development, marks China's design industry in the development of the first public institutions, continue to subsidize and reward industry talent agency at the same time, will also establish the encourage mechanism of design innovation in the field of diversity. And through the mobilization of all sectors of the community, in-depth cooperation with other innovative services, funding, support and intermediary role to play actively, help and support more valuable to promote scientific and technological achievements.

in the design industry's future economic development and play a more and more important and irreplaceable role in social life and national prosperity, national prosperity, innovation without design, design of Beijing Guanghua Development Foundation is willing to work with unremitting efforts from all walks of life to join hands for building an innovation-oriented country!