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Studies have shown that in recent years the exhibition's role in brand building has significantly reduced

qianjia brand lab under dozens of industries in the last five years nearly 600 brand continuous monitoring of data analysis, that exhibition has gradually lost its central position in brand building, significantly reduced this industry exhibitions in recent years from shrunken, senior citizens investment difficult, rare embarrassed Secretary.
Total number of brands continued to fall
In thousands of brand laboratory development of brand index data model in the, in brand active force big items in the has a items "market activities", is contains has "brand participation exhibition situation" and "brand participate in of speech and held of activities", this is the for 50 points of brand monitoring index items, thousands of brand laboratory of brand analysis personnel from exhibition, and brand manufacturers, and media reported, and site verified four a angle by months statistics each monitoring brand of exhibition situation, and for summary analysis, From 2004 to 2009, July, continuous monitoring of results in the past five years, the total number of brands have continued a downward trend, especially this year, decreasing range at 21%, even despite the impact of the financial crisis, fell at more than 14%. Brand in the number of exhibitors and investment funds have decreased, and some brands even have repeatedly did not participate in the exhibition in the industry.
When we regard with brand manufacturers in the verification survey, most answers were disappointed on a number of trade exhibitions, that most domestic trade fairs has been difficult to achieve their desired results, of course, there are exceptions, such as the security industry's largest and most influential security Expo, they are good.
According to thousands of brand laboratory of analysis, brand exhibition of enthusiasm also can idea168.CN can further reduced, what when appeared rebound, actually most main of is not depends on brand, but depends on exhibition of active adjustment, exhibition need resources integration, and brand image upgrade, and influence expanded, and service standard of full upgrade, only do has this four aspects of work, brand also is willing to will exhibition this a market tool as brand construction of powerful tool of.
Trade exhibition booth publicity contributed much to the brand building? 2.5% !
As for brand manufacturers, always wanted to know this brand in the exhibitions of the adequacy of resources, in the exhibition hoping to understand how much of the resource's value to the brand, meaning that after the exhibition contribute much to brand-building. Qianjia brand index model for brand lab provides the answer, for the brand, through exhibition branding campaigns for brand building in a way the average contribution is 2.5%, this data and brand to participate in industry seminars and lectures or seminars of brand independent organization contribution to the value of such activities is the same. This description has a problem, brand participate in industry sex exhibition important, and participate in industry sex forum for speech and Organization seminar also also important, and many brand Enterprise usually ignored has which, to industry brand of recommends is, with will resources put to unknown effect of industry exhibition Shang, also than in industry forum Shang sponsored and expression brand concept or itself organization around Tour exhibition, this is IT industry is do have best of. Of course, we have a trade exhibition of proposals must be done on the professional effort, based on our professional, professional service, and formed the strong brand of the exhibition, and only in this way can find the way.
Comprehensive exhibition booth of publicity on how large is the contribution of brand-building? Below even neglected!
If said industry exhibition also has clear of way words, so integrated exhibition on more pessimistic, integrated exhibition except formed brand effect, and regional economic or Government activities close connected seems to no other way, certainly we now know of some medium of integrated exhibition usually are is Government hosted or active promoted of, this activities in brand construction in the hard formed has plans sex of core part, and exhibition effect also never was mentioned, on many brand Enterprise for, this part money good as has never is took to waste off of, Not waste in this integrated exhibition Shang, is waste in next exhibition Shang, became and local government communication, and expression enterprise of social sense of a species symbol, and we know, and local government communication, and expression enterprise of social sense actually has all method, passive to used participate in these unknown effect (actually almost no what brand value of cumulative effect) of exhibition is a forced of select, this also refraction out China brand construction also in extensive and non-fine business to stage of phenomenon.
Event marketing is marketing, don't take branding move, small contribution to the brand-building value
Some people may question, our business centre conducted large-scale promotional activities work well, participate in many people, also sells a lot of products, of course, has a great role to brand-building. This idea also, including some of the so-called master of planning are intentionally or unintentionally confused "marketing" and "brand-building" two concepts. One vigorous of activities end Hou, sold out of is products, and in site participation of audience mind in the left of just short of memory, if event site brand image expression strong, 10 days half years Hou may minority audience also can memories, brand image expression not strong of, second days most from has forget has this brand by do of things has, to know, everyone daily to experience many thing, a and himself nothing relationship of enterprise of a field sales activities how will in people of mind in the left how many traces does? According to brand index model principle, activities marketing in brand construction in the most has may in "brand active force" of "brand market activities (seminar, and promotions)" activities in the get effect, and influence of size depends on activities of level (national of activities also is regional of activities), and activities of scale (how many people participate in, dozens of people and hundreds of people of certainly has difference), and media of reported (this most important, has how many media reported on will has more big of Zoom effect). In a commercial center of the city organized by the brand manufacturer promotions are usually due to the media (especially the national media, the mass media) focus is small and does not produce good amplification, the cumulative effect of the incident to brand-building is very low. This is our proposal: for brand building, we'd rather have a small but cover media activities, rather than to organize a large scale but with little or no media coverage of activities.