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Shanghai ceramic art exhibition: porcelain art

World Trade Centre recently organised the first Shanghai international ceramic art exhibition, showcased a number of ceramic wares with artistry, modernity, were welcomed by the audience. Ceramic art fair Director Jiang Biao, long, daily-use porcelain and art porcelain is "water", "oil" separation, art in the art gallery, exhibition, even into the home is decorated and porcelain is closely connected with people's lives, decades of same. Life needs beauty Expo is advocated in ancient ceramics using functions at the same time, the beauty in that, this is Potter, cannot shirk its responsibility.

in fact, artistic porcelain and porcelain clear CAU in Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, the major shopping malls, art variety. Porcelain still Zhengde in Ming dynasty style, unchanged for thousands of years. Jiang Biao said, China has Guangdong Chaozhou, and Foshan, Shandong Zibo, Hebei Tangshan and Jiangxi Jingdezhen five big produced pottery district, except Foshan produced bathroom building porcelain and Tangshan produced industrial porcelain outside, remaining three to are to daily vessels life supplies mainly, export volume accounted for global of 70%, profit only accounted for 6%, production of Cup, and disc, and Bowl,, and has artist participation, and design more fashion of of compared, price difference dozens of times times, and Shang times, and abroad brand daily porcelain compared also is disparity.

at the fair, those designs have creative, innovative cutting-edge modern vessels mostly from ceramic, rare arts and crafts master figure. The reason, Jiang Biao thinks for a long time, ceramic with a heavy cultural baggage, by historical pottery ideas gives them limited craft space, followed rules of pottery and decorative patterns, engaged in a constant repetitive work. In terms of living conditions, they are comfortable and stable, but in contemporary art, "seats", but should not be absent. And a group of young artists out of the traditional ceramic frame. However, their creative passion just to stay in the style of art made on, or at best design porcelain gifts or banquet porcelain never convert to the masses on people daily use porcelain. The reason, the key is the value, art and the price is far too high, up a hand-painted cups need thousands of Yuan, a vase prices can be as high as tens of thousands of Yuan, even thousands of Yuan. Even artists produced paintings of limited edition products, but also hundreds of Yuan a piece. Design of daily-use porcelain costs very little, designer, artist has no intention to participate. Jiang Biao said, art to daily life, daily-use porcelain art, let people use such vessels at the same time, also can feel "beauty", the urgent problems in the ceramics sector.