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2010 One Show youth creative camp press conference held in Beijing

on October 25, 2010, the One Club Chairman Kevin Swanepoel visited One Club China Office in Beijing, the 2010 One Show for the upcoming youth creative camp presided over a brief news conference, participants all explains Oscar--One Show advertising awards in the advertising business (also known as the One Show gold Pencil Award for advertising) as well as One Club creative advertising industry's close relationship with China, Both sides in the development of some problem and future trend analysis.

This is President of the One Club in China's first non-major advertising media interview. Faced with the mass media, Kevin talked about this from the New York creative advertising award and its new development in full swing in China, the whole atmosphere and relaxed.

it is learnt that, as President of the One Club, Kevin Swanepoel in two advertising companies serve as Chief Creative Officer, and set up his own company creative strategies. He also worked at Apple computer as an entertainment and new Media Manager to work. In 1998, when KEVIN recognize the potential of new media to global brands, came to New York One Club as interactive Director. Four years at One Club, he put One Show Interactive award as the world's top awards. Kevin are four of the best interactive advertising creative Yearbook and new media writers. Profound skill in he worked in advertising and publishing, publish these yearbooks have laid a solid foundation for him, these Annals became the new media industry's standard reference books. He is currently working with writer John Young to participate in a book called the mixed messages: the creation of creative brand advertising works. This book will be to analyse the global advertising the company's excellent brand integration solutions, focusing on interviews and case studies of advertising agency Creative Director, emphasizes creativity, solutions and results.

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